2019 Ford Flex Review, Price, Engine, Design, Features and Photos

Ford Flex is a very appealing crossover. But, in tough competitors, it is tough to battle, and it looks like this model is losing it. Insinuate selling results is developing rumors about discontinuation. Some chatters are reporting about 2020 season as the last one. Contrary, fans think that some spy images are showing 2019 Ford Flex. Is it going to be the last run of the SUV, or good market appearance could restore its life in US company? Full-size crossovers are not the most preferred in its section. However, many buyers decide to purchase it over cars in other sections. Likewise, a lot of things will depend upon features offered with new Flex.

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2019 Ford Flex Engine

Under the hood of the 2019 Ford Flex will be 3.5-l V-6 as a standard option. This is the smooth engine which can deliver almost 300 hp. With 250 lb-ft of torque, it will suffice for a comfortable ride in 7-seater. Mileage is not going to be remarkable, with simply 20 mpg combined in all-wheel drive model. FWD variation will have better fuel economy. Another drivetrain is a 2.7-l EcoBoost system. Inning accordance with rumors, with turbocharger and direct injection system, this powertrain can make 370 horses. Both engines will use a 6-speed automated transmission as a router.

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2019 Ford Flex Design

The 2019 Ford Flex can accommodate 7 travelers. It can be used as a minivan, but the primary function is SUV. So, comfort is under unique treatment. Also, infotainment system should be on the highest level. The MyFord system offers SYNC and Bluetooth connection, among other features. Likewise, other devices includes navigation, heating seats, and dual-zone air-conditioning. Outside Flex has distinct appearance. Some could see it as elegant SUV, with narrow grille and C-shape of headlights. Likewise, its lines are smooth. Big wheels can go up to 19-inches for leading trims. Base units are 17-inches.

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2019 Ford Flex Price

To remain competitive, Ford is using this crossover for cheap. If we take a look at other full-size SUVs, we can see that these are more expensive. For example, Audi Q7 costs $50,000. The cost of less glamorous GMC Yukon is $48,000, so $30,000 for 2019 Ford Flex is a deal.