2019 Ford Explorer Review, Design, Engine, Price and Photos

A model for Ford’s next-generation Explorer has actually been found for the first time. The vehicle is expected on sale in the second half of 2018, as a 2019 model.

2019 Ford Explorer Exterior Photos For Your Desktop

The last time the Explorer was redesigned remained in 2011, when the popular SUV adopted car-like unibody building and an inline-4 as the base powertrain. The 2019 model ought to follow a similar formula, though it looks to be growing in size.

2019 Ford Explorer Design

The 2019 Ford Explorer is anticipated to ride on a brand-new platform called “D6.” Presently it’s underpinned by the D4 platform also discovered on the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT, but search for the D6 to make an appearance in several of Ford’s models in the future.

It’s believed that the new platform will take advantage of light-weight materials like aluminum, just like exactly what Ford finished with its popular F-150 pickup. In addition, rumors suggest it can be configured for front-, rear- and all-wheel drive however do not expect the Explorer to go rear-wheel drive. For now, it is thought it will continue to be offered with front-wheel drive as standard and all-wheel drive available as an alternative.

The pictures from Motor Authority reader Tom Poeschel hint at evolutionary changes to the Explorer’s styling for the upcoming redesign. There’s still a huge, blocky shape plus area for 3 rows of seats, and the treatments for the lights and greenhouse appear similar to the existing model.

Ford has much more transformations for the parts we can’t see, nevertheless. The 2019 Explorer is expected to be among the first models to ride on Ford’s next-generation platform for larger models. Code-named the D6, the platform is once again a front-wheel-drive-based design (with readily available all-wheel drive) and will spawn models for both Ford and Lincoln. In truth, there are rumors the 2019 Explorer will be twinned by a new Aviator SUV replacing the unloved MKT.

2019 Ford Explorer Engine

As far as engines are concerned, chances are Ford will drop the thirsty naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 and will offer the next Explorer with the current crop of EcoBoost mills. It stays to be seen whether the 2018 Mustang’s brand-new 10-speed automatic transmission will be offered, but it would make good sense for the Explorer to obtain it too. A front-wheel-drive design is expected to be basic on the lower models, with more costly versions set to be offered with an AWD layout. The D6 platform can accommodate a RWD setup, however it does not necessarily mean the new Explorer will be offered in this configuration.

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2019 Ford Explorer Price

In 2015, the Ford Explorer sold 248,507 units, making it the 14th total best seller in the United States It’s a safe presumption that no matter how Ford decides to style the Explorer, it will continue to sell well amongst the midsize SUV sector, particularly for buyers trying to find seven seats. Currently the model begins with $32,605 including location ($35,039 in Canada), but don’t expect it to see any sort of significant cost hike when the new model is introduced.

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